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Whatever the season, Poiana Brașov boasts fun and healthy activities you can engage in. Choose from a range of sports, go hiking or biking and enjoy one of the many restaurants and relaxation centers in the area.Have the holiday of your dreams and take advantage of the opportunities Poiana Brașov has to offer!

Skiing & snowboarding

Starting with the first snowfall, Poiana Brașov opens the winter season and welcomes on the slopes everyone looking for adrenaline. There are 12 slopes with various degrees of difficulty to choose from depending on your experience and courage.

Whether or not you are experienced in skiing or snowboarding, Poiana Brașov has plenty of options to choose from: you can hire sports equipment, pick up various sports with the guidance of an instructor, or you can use your own gear and go on the slopes.

You can go up the slopes in a cable car or a ski lift and enjoy the wonderful mountain views from above.

Download the map of the ski slopes in Poiana Brașov here!

Contact: Ana ski School, tel: +40 268 407342, email:


Ice skating and sleigh rides

If skiing isn’t for you, you can always enjoy the speed of a sleigh ride in the designated areas on the slopes. This is where you can have some great fun with your friends or with the little ones.

The ice rink in Poiana Brașov awaits daily and offers skates hire, music and a pleasant ambiance where you can enjoy a snack or a hot beverage.

Contact: Patinoarul Olimpic din Brașov, tel: +40 368-442 241



Hiking in the mountains

If you feel like taking a long hike in the great outdoors, the routes that start in Poiana Brașov are worth exploring, whatever the season. As you walk along mountain tracks, you can enjoy magnificent views which will help you feel more free and invigorated than ever. If you love the mountains and have a day to spare, we recommend the route between Poiana Brașov and the Postăvarul chalet. This route is fairly easy to complete during a 3-hour walk. There are plenty of other marked mountain tracks with various degrees of difficulty.

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Mountain biking

Do you have a mountain bike and feel the rush to escape into nature? Poiana Brașov is ideal for aspiring or experienced cycling enthusiasts due to the variety of routes on offer. Regardless of age and experience, you can enjoy tracks with different levels of difficulty in both spring and summer.

You can walk along the roads leading to the surrounding mountains: Postăvaru, Piatra Craiului, Bucegi and Piatra Mare, or you can go down towards Brașov, where you’ll be able to visit the old city center and its beautiful landmarks.

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Horse riding

Tradition meets passion at the horse riding club in Poiana Brașov. This is where you can practise this elegant sport regardless of the season and take in the views and the magic of the surrounding mountaintops. The club, open daily, welcomes visitors and tourists of all ages.

Contact: Centrul de Echitație Poiana Brașov, tel:+40 728 026 954, e-mail:





Whether you are an amateur or an experienced player, Poiana Brașov is a great place for a tennis game, either with an instructor or with friends. Feel free to choose an indoors or outdoors court open daily which can be hired by the hour. You can bring your own gear or you can simply hire what you need at the club.

Contact: Baza sportivă Olimpia, tel: +40 730 349 728




Relaxation, fitness and beauty

If you're planning a relaxing holiday where you can escape from the pressures of the day-to-day life, Poiana Brașov offers a wide range of spas and beauty salons where you can get pampered. Enjoy the well-deserved relaxation at the end of a day out on the slopes.

The warm atmosphere, the body or facial treatments are ideal for regaining your beauty and energy. If you feel like being more active, you can always take part in a swimming training session or work out in the gym with a personal fitness instructor.

For an invigorating spa experience, we recommend: Sport Welness Spa din cadrul Ana Hotels.

Contact: Sport Wellness Spa, tel: +40 268 407 330, e-mail:

Aqua park Brașov

Every year, from 1st June, the aqua park in Brașov opens its doors to all swimming enthusiasts and those looking for some water slide fun.

The aqua park is the place to enjoy all the water action, water slides of various sizes, music and food with friends.

Schedule: 09:00 – 19:00 (Monday – Sunday)
Str. Prunului (fost strand Noua)
Brasov - Romania
Office: 0268 337 576
Customer service: 0754 554 827